Optical fiber based sensor system for monitoring of infrastructures

FEBUS Optics is an innovative company based in Pau (France) bringing a new generation of optical fiber based sensor system to the market, in particular for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing


  • Vibration monitoring
  • Single-ended
  • Phase and amplitude monitoring
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Optimized for harsh conditions
  • On-demand software and interface development


The FEBUS A1-R device provides acoustic sensing typically every 2 m along several tens of kilometers of an optical fiber cable deployed on the infrastructure. The FEBUS A1-R can be connected to optical fiber cables already in place. This system is specifically designed to meet harsh environment requirements with single-ended connection to the optical fiber sensing cable.

Furthermore, FEBUS Optics offers, along with its FEBUS A1-R, personalized services such as:

  • Implementation survey
  • Fiber-optic deployment (through specialized partner)
  • On-demand specific analysis modules and customized GUI (Guided User Interface)
  • Interoperability with SCADA or equivalent
  • 3-years warranty (parts and labor) and optional


Range 50 km
(100 km with optical repeaters)
Sampling interval 0.2 to 12.8 m
Gauge length Tunable from 1 m
Acquisition frequency Up to 400 kHz
Noise floor
(with standard fiber)
3 pstrain