Optical fiber based sensor system for monitoring of infrastructures

FEBUS Optics is an innovative company based in Pau (France) bringing a new generation of optical fiber based sensor system to the market, in particular for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures.

Structural Health Monitoring


Ageing management of large scale structures, such as Nuclear Power Plants, Tunnels or Dams is a key issue for infrastructure owners. With little investment on monitoring with distributed sensing, lifetime can be significantly increased,security improved, and maintenance costs reduced.

FEBUS G1-R, G1-C, G1-D, as DSTS systems (Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing) offer a large panel of monitoring possibilities with respectively: high sensitivity, low consumption and dynamic sensing. Real-time monitoring can also be a critical asset, especially for transportation facilities such as railways or viaduct.

For these applications, FEBUS A1 (Distributed Acoustic Sensing system) can be a precious monitoring asset for vehicle localization, axle failure detection or eigenmodes frequency determination.


Structural Health Monitoring : BRIDGE

Structural Health Monitoring : Unique set of in-house technologies addressing the most of applications.


Unique set of in-house technologies addressing the most of applications.

  • Fastest strain measurement on the market (G1-D)
  • Autonomous and compact version of DSTS for service (G1-C)
  • FEBUS Optics experts can advise customer on specific fiberoptic cable deployment