Optical fiber based sensor system for monitoring of infrastructures

FEBUS Optics is an innovative company based in Pau (France) bringing a new generation of optical fiber based sensor system to the market, in particular for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures.

Pipeline intrusion detection

FOPipe is FEBUS Optics' pipeline integrity monitoring solution.

Based on our patented distributed fiber optic sensing technology, it enables the detection and precise geolocation of any third-party intrusion near the pipeline. Data is acquired and processed in real-time, continuously, throughout the entire structure.

Intrusion detection Precise location of alerts Events identification Real-time alerting
intrusion detection precise location of alerts events identification real-time alerting


Third-party intrusions near a pipeline can be intentional or accidental excavation, vehicles or pedestrians crossing, attempted theft of products, etc.

As these intrusions can damage the pipeline, pose risks to the population, harm the environment, and disrupt infrastructure production, it is crucial to detect, identify and locate them promptly.

The FEBUS A1 (DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing) performs dynamic acoustic measurements. Its state-of-the-art sensitivity enables the detection of even the most subtle intrusions over tens of kilometers.

febus cabinet intrusion detection pipeline

Fully equipped FOPipe cabinet for pipeline intrusion detection

Any movement generates an acoustic wave along the fiber optic cable. It is instantly captured by the FEBUS Optics interrogator.

Depending on the requirements of each project and the pipeline's installation context, detection thresholds are defined. Combined to a powerful analysis algorithm, the system sends notifications only when the event is recognized, and significant, thereby minimizing false alarms.


Our integrated software solution, FOPipe Suite, is the visualization and alert management tool specially developed by our teams for pipeline integrity monitoring.

The interface and features have been designed for easy and quick usability.

FOPipe Suite allows to:

  • check the proper functioning of the measurement system and its associated alerts from the dashboard
  • precisely localize the alerts on a georeferenced map, in real-time
  • manage alerts (acknowledgement, temporary deactivation)
  • generate an overview of the alerts history

FOPipe Suite dashboard

Dashboard of the FOPipe Suite software solution

The pipeline monitoring solution FOPipe Suite integrates easily with other existing control systems as it adapts to existing communication protocols.

FOPipe Suite precise location, classification, alerting

Precise location, classification, and alerting following a pipeline intrusion using FOPipe Suite


Coupling FOPipe Suite with our event recognition algorithm allows for the instantaneous identification of their nature. Our solution specifies the class to which the alert belongs: excavator, drill, hydraulic hammer, agricultural machinery, leak, pipeline aggression, etc.

During the installation phase, irrelevant classes for the project are defined so that our algorithm ignores them, thus avoiding unnecessary alerts.

Once our algorithm has been trained on the project's specificities, the nature of the alert is displayed in real-time, enabling the swift implementation of an appropriate response.

pipeline real-time identification of alert

Real-time identification of a person digging near the pipeline


Through our FOPipe solution, we offer our technologies, expertise, and support from our teams to monitor the integrity of wastewater networks, drinking water pipeline, and oil and gas pipelines.

For each project, based on the requirements, we provide training and support for operational teams. Tailored demonstrations can also be proposed in our test center CESG.

All FEBUS Optics interrogators come with a 3-year warranty. We also offer customized maintenance plans and service continuity.

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