Optical fiber based sensor system for monitoring of infrastructures

FEBUS Optics is an innovative company based in Pau (France) bringing a new generation of optical fiber based sensor system to the market, in particular for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures.

Intrusion detection

real-time alerting at all locations  Real-time alerting at all locations

prevention of malicious acts  Prevention of malicious acts

complementarity with any surveillance systems (cameras, drones, etc...)  Complementarity with any surveillance systems (cameras, drones, etc...)

private or public entity

Any private or public infrastructure manager wanting to secure its site

A factory, energy facility, underground gallery, border, military base or any other critical infrastructure can be exposed to intrusions risks, damages and thieves. They need reliable and continuous monitoring.

The FEBUS Optics Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is the best solution to:

  • guarantee the security of a site
  • facilitate a quick and adapted response
  • save the acoustic print of the events.

Our distributed fiber optic sensing patented technologies and our integrated management software FOGuard Suite have state-of-the-art performances.

You benefit from the reliability and the availability of our perimeter protection solution.

Based on the FEBUS A1 technology, our intrusion monitoring system provides acoustic measurements, which are:

  • distributed: measurements at all points along the installation, no dead zone
  • continuous 24/7
  • generated in real time (a reaction time of less than 2 seconds between event and alert)
  • precisely localized (down to 1 meter).
  • Detection, localization of events and data analysis to filter out non-relevant alerts thanks to the definition of thresholds


  • Precise and real-time localization of multiple intrusions attempts


  • The opportunity to test, validate and get familiar with our perimeter security solution



Some facilities are not equipped with any fence to deploy a fiber optic cable. Still, they are sensitive to thieves or other vandalism acts.

By burying the fiber, the FEBUS intrusion detection solution allows to

  • ensure a continuous monitoring
  • optimize the monitoring costs.

FEBUS intrusion detection

Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) uses the FEBUS A1 (DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing) that performs dynamic acoustic measurements. Thanks to the state-of-the-art sensitivity of our technology, any event occurring near the monitored area is detected, the passage of a car or a pedestrian, for example.

Depending on the needs and the context of the intervention, all the activities do not have to be notified. For this reason, the FEBUS intrusion detection solution for buried fiber includes a precise alarm trigger setting:

  • our integrated algorithms determine if the event has to be classified as a threat to be communicated
  • in case of alert, our system transmits in real-time notification of the intrusion attempt to your supervision system (SCADA, VMS, IHM, etc..)
  • the alert is precisely localized and can be seen on a georeferenced map integrated in our software FOGuard Suite.

Continuous data

Distributed data Localized data Classified data Real-time data
continuous data distributed data localized data classified data real time data

The FEBUS Optics solution is easy to integrate with any monitoring system that already controls other kinds of sensors: cameras, drones...

This way, a complete perimeter security grid is created.

The FEBUS' PIDS solution is also cost effective, allowing to:

  • address ranges by up to 100 km
  • cover a very large distance for a minimal initial investment
  • limit the maintenance expenses thanks to a high reliability (25 years MTBF).

rem range extension module intrusion detection

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On some sensitives sites, a fiber optic cable can be deployed on a fence or a barrier.

The FEBUS Optics intrusion detection solution can then monitor the site.

perimeter intrusion detection system

  • During the installation of our solution, precise alert trigger criterias are defined thanks to our calibration methods.
  • The FEBUS A1 (DAS) instantaneously detects any acoustic wave along the optical fiber produced by an intrusion attempt.
  • If the event is qualified as a threat, a notification is sent.
  • The alert is precisely localized on a map in real-time thanks to our integrated software FOGuard Suite.
  • The FEBUS solution is easy to integrate in any VMS or supervision system.

As the localization of the potential danger is instantaneously known, adapted actions can be set.

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The Test Center Sophie Germain (CESG) is equipped with a fence on which several fiber optic cables are deployed. They are placed in various configurations (horizontally, vertically, on a straight line, curved, buried...) with the aim to:

  • study the response of the optical fiber depending on the way it has been installed
  • define the most effective detection system depending on the on-site conditions (type of barrier, its fixing mode, surrounding industrial activity...).

FEBUS Optics also offers demonstrations, trainings and real scale tests.

You get to know our perimeter security solution, you are convinced of its possibilities and efficiency.

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The FEBUS Optics technical leads ensure an on-site or remote deployment of our intrusion detection solution.

  • They precisely discuss and identify the needs with the client.
  • They present an optimal deployment plan of the fiber optic cable depending on the objectives and the constraints.
  • Once the fiber has been set up by a partner, the FEBUS experts come on-site to check the quality and the integrity of the optical fiber and they deploy our intrusion detection solution using the FEBUS A1 (DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing).
  • They also perform the spatial calibration to ensure that the physical distances correspond to optical ones.
  • They achieve the signal calibration too, creating alerts only when needed (low non-relevant alerts).
  • After a period of activity defined with the client, the FEBUS experts optimize and verify the functioning of the intrusion detection system.
  • They provide training and support throughout the project.

FEBUS Optics also offers yearly maintenance contract, warranty extension after 3 years and continuity of services.


State-of-the-art detection sensitivity (DAS technology) state-of-the-art detection sensitivity DAS All threats are detected, non-relevant alerts are ignored, even in case of multiple events.

Real-time monitoring

Precise localization of the alert

real-time monitoring and precize localization of the alert A quick response is provided.

Long range

long range All distances are achieved and secured with our PIDS solution, optimizing this way CAPEX and OPEX.

Communication of the alerting software via standard protocols

communication of the software via standard protocols Our solution is fully compatible with any hypervisor.

Maintenance contract maintenance contract FEBUS' devices availability is optimized.
FEBUS Optics support FEBUS Optics support The project runs in an atmosphere of serenity.

ISO 9001 certification

iso certification The quality of our products, services and support is recognized.

The possibility to test our solution in our Test Center (CESG)

test in our Test Center CESG Our solution is validated to match the needs and the specificities of each project.

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