Optical fiber based sensor system for monitoring of infrastructures

FEBUS Optics is an innovative company based in Pau (France) bringing a new generation of optical fiber based sensor system to the market, in particular for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures.

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Our Test Center (CESG)


pipeline monitoring pipeline monitoring

perimeter security perimeter security and third part intrusion

power cable power cables

ground movement ground movement

infrastructures integrity SHM all infrastructures monitoring/SHM

real time demonstrations

Real-time demonstrations

custom made experimentations

Custom-made experimentations



research and development

Large scale studies and trials

Innovating, testing and validating of our solutions is our priority.

FEBUS Optics has its own test center of 455 Sqm on a land of 2 500 Sqm entirely dedicated to

  • test the applications of our clients according to their site conditions and needs
  • research and development either internal or for our partners and clients
  • upgrade and optimize our solutions
  • Prevent, detect and localize at an early stage leaks (liquid and/or gas), intrusions and ground movement


  • Identify an intrusion attempt, localize it, define its nature


  • Detect hot spots, defaults, including partial discharges


  • Testing of fiber optics cables, pipe in pipes, concrete structures...


  • From optical fiber to distributed sensing: working principle, applications, case studies, use of the DAS, DTS, DSS interrogators (2 or 3 days)



pipeline instrumentation

Pipeline instrumentation in our Test Center

A 25 meters long trench is at our disposal in our Test Center. With a height and width of 1.50 meters, it is isolated from vibrations and can receive pipelines of diameters up to 10 inches.

Depending on the needs, the pipeline can be uncovered, buried or submerged.

The trench can be equipped with fiber optics cables fitting the site conditions:

  • type of cable (telecom, dedicated, enhanced...),
  • installation (direct buried or inside a duct),
  • at the right position (above, on the side or beneath the pipeline).

test center pipeline leak

Liquid leak (5 mm) on a buried pipeline in our Test Center

Leaks can be created and controlled:

  • the pipe can be pressurised with air (< 50 bars) and hot water (< 20 bars, < 60 °C)
  • 3 leak orientations are available: top, side and bottom (12, 3 and 6 o'clock)
  • 3 leak sizes are available for each position: 1, 3 and 5 mm holes, controlled on demand thanks to electrovalves.

Very long assets of up to 100 kms can be simulated inside our Test Center (CESG) by using dummy fiber connected before the installation.

Leak detection: alerts with our software FOPipe Suite

test center fopipe suite leak map

Leak detection: waterfall with our software FOPipe Suite

fopipe suite leak waterfall test center

A hydraulic jack placed under the trench allows us to generate a pressure up to 30 tons to simulate ground movements.

pipeline integrity in the test center

Thanks to this setup, our Test Center CESG can offer a complete tool for optimization, innovation and real scale testing of our pipeline integrity monitoring solutions.

We can also test various fiber optic installation configurations and define their specifications.

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The fence of our Test Center is equipped with fiber optic cables to test and validate different kinds of deployment. They are placed in various configurations: horizontally, diagonally, on a straight line, curved and buried.

Using this asset, FEBUS Optics research and development teams freely perform all kind of tests to continue improving of our perimeter protection solution.

perimeter security in our test center

On demand, we can organize a presentation/demonstration of our solution: discover our distributed fiber optic sensing solution for your intrusion detection and perimeter security needs.

Our algorithms of event recognition and precise localization are based on different methods (Machine Learning, nearest-neighbor imputation...) and are adapted to your application.

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The FEBUS Optics Test Center is the perfect tool to test, design and verify power cable and umbilical integrity monitoring.

Its large surface area allows us to drive representative scale experimentations.

Cable resistance can be tested on demand. They are subjected to bending, tension and twist to record their behavior. They can also be subjected to high temperature environment using a climate chamber to verify aging and distributed temperature sensing performances. We create and test various set-up protocols according to the specificities of each installation configuration. Thank to our expertise, some recommendations can be given concerning the choice of cables and on how to implement them inside.

strain cable integrity

Cable strain resistance test in our Test Center

winded fiber power cable integrity

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To ensure reliable and accurate measurements during your project, choosing the optical fiber cables most adapted to your needs is essential.

Our Test Center assesses the possibilities and the limits of different cables by achieving mechanical and environmental tests.

The cables are stretched, bended, crushed, kinked. A climatic chamber allows us to operate big and fast temperature changes.

crushed cable

Cable crush test in our Test Center

kinked cable

Cable kink test in our Test Center

junction box crunch

Crush test of a junction box in our Test Center

climatic chamber

Temperature test with a climatic chamber in our Test Center

The junction boxes of the fiber optic cables can also be tested. Thus we can qualify a complete system: interrogator - cable - junction box. Tests are achieved with different cable lengths, junction boxes can be submerged, and shocks and vibrations resistance are measured.

To provide the best solution to our clients, our complete offers are tested and validated in our unique Test Center to simulate conditions representative of real operating conditions:

  • From the field (trench, fence...),
    where the fiber optic cables are deployed,
  • To the control room,
    where the FEBUS interrogators and softwares are implemented.

water leak test center

fully equipped cabinet in the FEBUS Optics test center

Fully equipped cabinet in the FEBUS Optics Test Center

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Before choosing a long-term solution, you need to be sure it will answer your expectations within the conditions of the environment in which it will operate.

Each project is unique and presents its own specificities.

At your request, we can run many experimentations in our Test Center in similar or identical conditions as on-site. Doing so, you are sure our technology is efficient and reliable to answer your needs.

Following your clear instructions, we recreate the conditions in our installation and propose a set-up. We can also develop an implementation protocol according to your constraints, as to propose you an innovative and adapted response. This way, we qualify our interrogators and our solutions in our Test Center according to the specificities of your project.

Trainings are organized in our Test Center, on our interrogators and their applications, as well as on the distributed sensing technologies themselves.

From two to three days depending on your needs, we offer training to teach the functioning principle of distributed fiber optic sensing and to present its different applications. A practical phase of device usage in an experimental context and case studies are also planned.

Contact us to participate in the next training session or for a tailor-made program.

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Need more information about our Test Center, the FEBUS Optics devices and solutions?