Optical fiber based sensor system for monitoring of infrastructures

FEBUS Optics is an innovative company based in Pau (France) bringing a new generation of optical fiber based sensor system to the market, in particular for the maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures.

Structural Health Monitoring

protection population and environment  Protection of the population and of the environment

costs optimization  Costs optimization (investments and maintenance)

opex and apex pooling  OPEX and APEX pooling

civil engineering

Civil engineering

nuclear industry

Nuclear industry





As soon as the foundations are laid and all along the lifespan of an infrastructure, the FEBUS Optics solution in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) allows to control the performances and the behavior of a structure. It ensures that  no damage due to the environement and functional charges is produced, riding out any risk or danger for the infrastructure and the population.

Ensuring a continuous monitoring of a nuclear power plant, a water or tailing dam, a viaduct or a bridge, a tunnel, a building, a road or a railway is essential to:

  • optimize the safety of the structure, the population and the environment
  • ensure its functions, the regulatory compliance and increase its lifetime
  • reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

The distributed fiber optic sensing offers important advantages:

  • this technology is far more cost-effective than traditional methods, based on the installation of multiple sensors on the entire structure
  • it is easy to implement since the deployment of a single sensor (the optical fiber) is enough
  • the deployed cable does not need to be removed after the operation, which allows to ensure the monitoring along the lifespan of the asset, without replacement of the instrumentation
  • a continuous monitoring is achieved
  • the distributed measurements are spatially and temporally localized with a high precision.

The FEBUS interrogators provide measurements of:

Our devices are easy to be interfaced with any supervision system.

Placed in indoor or outdoor cabinets, they provide reliable and accurate data even in harsh environment:

  • resistance to vibrating interferences (electric noise, rotating machinery, strong wind and swell for example) and to extreme temperatures
  • dust and splashproof
  • immunity to electromagnetic radiations (high-voltage grid, nuclear power plant...)
  • stabillity of measurements in time.

outdoor cabinet

Outdoor cabinet housing a FEBUS interrogator and installed alongside a railway

  • Warning and prevention of failures due to material aging, structures fatigue and yielding detection, real-time and precisely localized alerting


  • Protection of the environment and of the people thanks to a real-time detection of leaks and other damages


  • Optimization of the further inspection operations, monitoring of the road/railway traffic and detection of the railway vehicles structural failures



The structures integrity monitoring solution of FEBUS allows to ensure a structural control on a bridge, a viaduct, a gallery, a tunnel, a nuclear power plant or any other sensitive infrastructure and optimize the predictive and proactive management of the inspection and maintenance operations.

The FEBUS G1-D (DSS - Distributed Strain Sensing) and the FEBUS G1-C provide information about the material aging and the fatigue of the structure. Yieldings are also detected.

The FEBUS A1 (DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing), for its parts, presents a state-of-the-art sensitivity to vibrating phenomena. A fine FFT and harmonic analysis of the structure behavior can be set up as a diagnosis or a continuous monitoring. In this last case, the cable breaks and the cracks in the structure are detected.

Besides, the gauge length of our interrogators is adaptable, avoiding this way the iteration of instrumentation on different structure nodes. Only one single measurement is needed to achieve the entire analysis of the vibrating behavior of a structure. The collected data allow to define all the vibrating modes and the risky resonance threshold and to increase the security of the asset.

FEBUS A1 adaptable gauge length

Finally our SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) solution allows the early detection of fires thanks to the FEBUS T1-R (DTS - Distributed Temperature Sensing) or to the FEBUS G1 (DTSS - Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing) for long distances with:

  • a high temperature accuracy
  • a very short detection time
  • a real-time alert generation
  • a precise localization.

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Every engineering structure needs to be monitored to provide the fastest reaction in case of leak or any other damage (ground movements and material yieldings). Indeed, the consequences in terms of environment or population safety can be important or even irreversible.

Thanks to our interrogators plugged to one end of the optical fiber deployed in a structure, the FEBUS Optics' Structural Health Monitoring solution allows to ensure a control:

  • continuously or punctually
  • from the building of the structure
  • during all its lifespan
  • by connecting our interrogators to a single end of the fiber optic cable.

Our devices detect, among other things, displacements, yielding and structure distortion, water and tailing dam's leaks and uplifts, erosion, landslides and any other type of damage. They measure:

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Anticipating the operations of monitoring is possible by deploying fiber optic cables along the roads and railways during their construction phase. This way, the cost to implement our SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) solution is streamlined.

Moreover, the FEBUS Optics interrogators need to be plugged to only one end of the fiber:

  • their deployment is easier than double-ended configurations
  • CAPEX is highly optimized compared to traditional high-range instrumentation
  • the system is reliable: the monitoring solution availability is maximized.

The FEBUS G1-R (DSS - Distributed Strain Sensing) and the FEBUS G1-C allow to track the evolutions of the strains and the distortions of rails and roads, caused by a landslide for example.

Beyond the instrumentation, the investment to set up the FEBUS Optics monitoring system is also more cost-effective than traditional methods. A unique FEBUS G1-R is needed to address operations up to 100 km.

FEBUS G1-R range 100 km

Traffic monitoring using the FEBUS A1 (DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing) is possible to optimize risks evaluation by quantifying the traffic, detecting traffic jams, overwheating loads (too heavy trucks, overspeed) in road monitoring, as well as classifying vehicles and preventing accidents due to rock falls:

  • in real-time
  • along the entire fiber optic cable
  • using fiber optic grid that often already exists for telecommunications.

The FEBUS A1 allows the detection of railway vehicles structural faults. Our device offers a state-of-the-art sensitivity to identify any evolution of the acoustic signature of car or any rolling equipment related to any eventual failure leading to accidents.

The continuous and distributed monitoring of a road or a railway and of its traffic is achieved thanks to a unique solution, reducing the investment and maintenance costs of the monitoring system.

The FEBUS A1 (DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing) can be combined to our FEBUS REM (Range Extension Module) to increase its range.

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The FEBUS REM (Range Extension Module) allows to increase the range of the FEBUS A1 (DAS) and of the FEBUS G1 (DSTS).

rem module extension portee


Our technical leads provide a support and operational solutions suited to each project.

  • We come on-site to install our solutions and to achieve the acquisitions. Our experts are also available remotely to ensure assistance during the operations.
  • We offer a remote connection to monitor the quality of the acquisition during the survey.

We ensure training and support all along the project lifespan: help for the data treatment and interpretation, adjustment of the measurement parameters...

FEBUS Optics also offers yearly maintenance contract, warranty extension after 3 years and continuity of service. Spare parts, backup machines and on-site repairs are optional. Our technical leads present a prevention plan adapted to the needs of each project.


High sensitivity of detection (DAS, DTS, DSS technologies) high sensitivity of detection DAS DTS DSS Environmental and safety risks are avoided.

Real-time monitoring

real time monitoring A quick response is provided.

Long range devices

long range FEBUS devices CAPEX and OPEX are optimized.

Durability of the equipments (optical fiber & interrogators)

durability optical fiber and interrogators The maintenance costs are optimized.

User-friendly devices and softwares

user friendly devices and softwares Our solutions are easy and quick to pick up.

Events automatic detection and alerting software events automatic detection and alerting software Early detection and alerting thanks to our solutions suited to each customer needs.
Maintenance contract maintenance contract FEBUS' devices availability is maximized.

FEBUS Optics support

FEBUS Optics support The project is conducted in an atmosphere of serenity.

ISO 9001 certification

iso certification The quality of the FEBUS Optics' products, services and support is recognized.

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